QTI Payment Processing provides you with a complete, turnkey payment processing solution at ultra-competitive rates. Quickly process credit and debit cards using our advanced, web-based virtual terminal application from the convenience of any computer with web access. Best of all, payment processing doesn't have to cost you a fortune! With our low rates and minimal fees, any company can accept credit and debit cards.

QTI Payment Processing is offered through our relationships with Merchant Focus and Authorize.Net. Even on busy days, their advanced networks will process your transactions quickly and efficiently. Unlike many payment processing services, QTI Payment Processing has no funding delay. This means that funds from qualifying payment transactions are generally transferred to your business checking account two business days after settlement (check with your bank to make sure it doesn't impose its own delay).


  • Ultra-competitive rates
  • Web-based virtual terminal
  • XML API available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick application process
  • No funding delays
  • No long-term commitment
  • No hardware needed
  • Process credit and debit cards from anywhere with web access
  • Easy-to-understand monthly statements

US Pricing

Fee Categories Fee
Visa / MasterCard / Discover Rate 2.89%
American Express Rate 3.50%
Transaction Fee $0.29
Monthly Processing Fee Minimum $10.00

In addition to the Visa and MasterCard Interchange fees, Visa and MasterCard charge an assessment fee that is paid directly to the associations that own the Visa/MasterCard brands. These are required fees that we cannot control. All US Credit Card processors are required to bill these fees to their merchants.

Canada Pricing

Fee Categories Fee
Application Fee / Setup Fee None
Monthly Minimum $15.00
Monthly Gateway Access Fee $5.00
Monthly Service Fee $20.00
Qualified Rate (Visa/Mastercard) 1.49%
Transaction Fee $0.30

Established Merchant Focus is a registered MSP/ISO of: Deutsche Bank AG, New York


  • What is the monthly processing fee minimum?
    The monthly minimum processing fee is the minimum you must meet each month in total rate fees, otherwise you owe the remaining balance.

    • You charge $500 in a month. That would make your rate total for the month $14.45. Your monthly minimum of $10 has been met so there are no additional fees.
    • You charge $150 in a month. That would make your rate total for the month $4.34. Since you didn’t meet the $10/month processing fees minimum, you’ll owe an additional $5.66.
    • If you don’t charge anything in a month, you would owe $10 in total fees in order to meet the monthly minimum.
  • What is the web-based virtual terminal?

    QTI Payment Processing enables you to accept credit cards anywhere you have a computer and internet access with our advanced, web-based virtual terminal application. This virtual terminal not only gives you the ability to process sales but also view transactions in the current batch waiting to be settled and post credits for transactions that have already settled. You also have the ability to view reports such as view/search transaction history and view transactions for the last settled batch.

  • What is Merchant Focus?
    Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. is a full service merchant account and payment gateway provider, providing the ability to accept credit card payments for internet, mobile, mail/phone order, and retail businesses. Merchant Focus is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the industry.

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